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Cargo Vessels

Jastram transverse thrusters are found in cargo vessels around the world. Reliability and personal service are valued by yards, shipping lines and fleet managers.

Cruise Vessels

River cruise vessels with Jastram azimuth grid thrusters in the bow are easy to handle in tight river sections and allow precise manoeuvring in locks. The Jastram active noise reduction system enhances the experience for passengers.

Work Boats

The heavy-lift workboat Terra Marique can be beached without any preparations thanks to the installation of four Jastram azimuth grid thrusters. This configuration allows optimum manoeuvrability and safety on rivers and in shallow coastal water areas with high tidal ranges.

Mega Yachts

The three different types of proven noise reduction systems from Jastram are recognised throughout the world in the mega-yacht industry.
Standalone or combined active and passive noise reduction systems offer unique solutions for any type of vessel.