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Rudder Propellers

50kW to 450kW
New design
Main or auxiliary propulsion
Flexible mounting arrangements
Class approved

The new design of the Jastram rudder propellers RP80, RP230 and RP380 is based on 40 years of design and engineering experience.

The proven high quality, dependability and robustness have been enhanced by the improvement of several technical details. The hydrodynamic shape was developed with the aid of CFD analysis. Our seasoned service engineers collaborated on the design process, ensuring cost-effective mounting and maintenance.

In cooperation with the classification societies, these systems in varying configurations are approved for use in both inland waterway and marine vessels.


The initial speeds of 1800 rpm and 2100 rpm mean that the rudder propellers can be used with all standard diesel engines.

The optimum propeller diameters for these two rudder propeller types are 900mm for RP230 and 1100mm for RP380. Other customised propeller diameters are available.

The following diagram and table show the performance ranges in relation to the propeller diameter and initial speed. Performance is restricted by the propeller surface load (kW/m²).

Our engineers will be happy to help you select the best dimensions for your specific application and requirements.

We offer a range of different configurations for the propeller, the slewing gear and the installation of the drive, which can all be combined as needed:

PropellerNozzle propeller
Free propeller with/without fin, cover plate
Slewing gearWorm gear drive with variable shaft length
Spur gear drive for well mounting with variable shaft length
DriveZ drive for horizontal engine connection
L drive for vertical engine connection


Advantages of the propeller nozzle:

  • Increased thrust
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Protects the propeller and objects in the water
  • The nozzle is attached to the gear casing for easier servicing

For propellers without a nozzle, an optional fin can be screwed on for protection against grounding.

The cover plate prevents the propeller from ventilation at varying immersion depths.

The worm gear drive of the slewing gear has very compact dimensions, particularly in the hydraulic configuration, and is ideal for use on outer decks.

Spur gears with two drive motors are used for marine vessels or for well mounting. These systems comply fully with all requirements of the classification societies.


Jastram offers a choice of control systems for different prime mover variants with variable speed control:

  • Diesel engine
  • Electric motor
  • Hydraulic motor

The number of control panels or the number of interfaces to other systems installed on the vessel, e.g. Alarm monitoring system, Power management system, Dynamic positioning and Voyage data recorder, can be implemented according to customer specifications, thus ensuring a high level of flexibility to accommodate the space available in the bridge consoles.

The combined control lever allows thrust, thrust direction and gear shift to be controlled with a single lever.

Jastram’s control units are renowned for their safety, redundancy and their intuitive, easy operation.