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Carl Jastram, along with Nikolaus Otto and Rudolf Diesel was one of the pioneers in the development of combustion engines. After founding the first engine manufacturing company in Hamburg Jastram began supplying the growing port industry with hundreds of diesel engines, pumps and small barges.


Hans Jastram continued the work of his father and started developing and producing bow thrusters in the fifties. With his genius and numerous technical publications he established the basis for the enduring success of Jastram transverse thrusters.


Peter and Claus Jastram founded the 'Jastram Forschung' research and development department to provide a scientific background for new products. A range of active and passive manoeuvring systems such as rudder propellers, rotor rudders, flap rudders, azimuth grid thrusters and noise reduction systems extended Jastram's capabilities.


With Nils Jastram at its head, Jastram GmbH & Co. KG is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. The company continuously strives to improve the product range, quality and service to maintain and expand it's good reputation in the international maritime industry.